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By Papa V | Illustrated by Lindsay Wallen

When Kristen’s beloved Bear vanishes, she’s willing to do anything to find him. Looking under her bed for Bear, she finds a mysterious hole in the floor full of glowing light. Before she knows what’s happening, she’s falling into another world!

She lands in West Wind, the place where all broken and unwanted toys live. And now, to find Bear, she must face explosions, magic teapots, forest mazes, flying furniture, talking boats, and a building that loves to play Monopoly. Along the way she meets Cymryn the Tinker, serendipitous Stanley the talking toy, a wise teddy bear named Granther, and Mr. Benjamin, Recorder of Things Important and Trivial.

Come along with Kristen on this fantastical journey as she discovers what it means to be a true friend.


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