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A Walk in the Park

I spent a sunny and breezy Wednesday afternoon at a small park in Wakefield, MA. The park sits on the west side of a small lake, and is bordered on the north by a series of cemeteries surrounded by black wrought iron fences. I didn’t go inside – didn’t want to intrude – but looking through the fences I saw monuments with dates in the early 1800s. About two-dozen benches each bearing a small oval dedication plaque are scattered throughout the park. One dedication bearing the names Herb & Eve Standke 1947 – 1997 included the first two lines of the song Till: “Till the moon deserts the sky, Till the seas run dry…” I thought that anyone who had earned these lines would be good people to sit with – figuratively – so I spent part of my afternoon sitting on this bench writing while my daughter and granddaughter followed the three-mile long path around the lake. I left the bench hoping that the Standke’s had as much sunshine in their lives as was present in the park that day.